Who I am

My Story

More than 25 years ago I was excited to see that some formulas (i.e. how to do gradient descent on an optimization function, propagated over several layers of connected units) could result in an algorithm that was able to recognize speech or gestures.

Now the required computational power is available, and research of Deep Learning has progressed a lot.

It is time to turn this into new applications, and transform business with it.

Together with a network of very experienced, senior level consultants, coaches and data scientists, we are the ideal team to take on your organization’s AI challenges.

Some facts about me

  •  PhD in Machine Learning from KIT.
  •  Application of neural networks to speech and gesture recognition at Carnegie Mellon University and KIT.
  •  Strategic business consulting including applied predictive analysis.
  •  Strategic business planning at a 1st tier automotive supplier.
  •  Responsibility for innovation management, development  processes and knowledge management at 1st tier automotive supplier.
  •  Managing a team of consultants for transition programs and optimization of product development (e.g. agile methods, development methods, functional safety, crisis management) in the automotive industry.